Thursday, 20 December 2012

CSI Case file #50

Hello there!

CSI have case file #50 open for entry. I just loved the colours and knew instantly what photo I was going to use. Here is the case:

I decided to enter a digital layout. Initially I was wanting to do a traditional paper layout but the elements I wanted to use for the design I had planned, I didn't have and wouldn't have been able to source in time. So, I went digi and changed the design entirely.
Here it is:

Supplies used: Template (K Pertiet-Inspiration 8.11.12), Brushes (K Pertiet, Anna Aspnes-Travelling USA), Overlays (Ju Kneipp-Dirty Splat (Hello Beautiful); White Border (Beautiful Day)), Stitching (Katie Pertiet-Assorted Messy Stitches No1 & No2), Paper (Stripe Chevron & Wood Panel: Ju Kneipp (Just the Basics Summer); Karen Funk (For the Boys); An Wood (Solid Paper)); Acrylic Alphas (Patti Knox-Absolutely Acrylic Alpha No1).

The photo is of my nephew that my brother (his father) took in 2011 when he was 6 years old. I love this photo and think it says so much about him (my nephew that is).

For the evidence I used:
  • wood (wood panel paper)
  • stitching
  • stripes (stripe chevron background paper)
  • transparent thing (acylic alphas for his name)

For the testimony I used:
  • inspiration words - tradition and light.

The journaling reads:
  • I love this photo of you. You are my nephew. My older brother's son. His first born and the first grandchild for both sides of the family. I have only met you in person once, when you were a young baby as you live in Germany, but we see each other on Skype. This photo of you was taken by your father in Silt, Germany where you traditionally take your holidays. | Know that you are the light of your father's life. Both you and your sister. | You are very loved. 2011.

Although the layout looks fairly simple, is still took a couple of hours to do....and there I was thinking doing a digi would be much quicker! Hahaha!

Thankyou for looking.
Hoping you are all enjoying the festive season!


  1. very nice layout! even digital. and handsome nephew, about those blue eyes :)

  2. wow this photo is truly amazing and what you've created here is really lovely with the heartfelt journaling. I've just become your latest follower, your work is beautiful. Thanks also for stopping by my blog and leaving your lovely comment.


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