Saturday, 30 January 2016

Tangie Baxter & Co - Art Journal Caravan - January Challenges

Hello Everyone,

Over at Tangie Baxter & Co,, Tangie has resurrected her Art Journal Caravan program, which I am super happy about it. It's an art journal journey that you can use as digital, or traditionally. I followed it in 2011, 2012 and part of 2014. This month, I decided to enter 2 of the 4 challenges available. The theme is 'Uncaged' and Tangie has generously provided many goodies to play with as part of the membership. I just LOVE the colours and images she has created for this program.

Go HERE for more info

This layout is for Challenge #3, incorporating the colours from the tinted fragments part of the challenge:

Tangie Baxter | AJE Bright Spots; Spinning Daydreams Digital Kit
Tangie Baxter & Rebecca McMeen | Uncaged Graffiti

My second layout is for the January Challenge for which I changed the colours of a brush, added the quote, and added something from the January Grab Bag:

Tangie Baxter | Uncaged Kit (Grab Bag); Uncaged Collage Sheets; Uncaged Brushes & Stamps No.1
Tangie Baxter & Rebecca McMeen | Uncaged Graffiti

Over these past school holidays, I have been studying and I have lost motivation to keep going. I created these layouts to remind myself that I just need to push myself through this phase and the end will be here soon. When it's all done, I will be able to fly.

Thank you for coming past. Hope you are enjoying your day. :)

Sunday, 17 January 2016

CSI - #188

Hello all,

CSI currently have a bold and bright challenge on with a great sketch/template from Em Stafrace of The Nifty Pixel:

And this is my take on it:
Amanda Yi | You Are Fabulous
 Scotty Girl | This & That
Just Jaimee | StoryTeller January 2016
Studio Basic and Two Tiny Turtles | Choose Happy
The Nifty Pixel | Rosette Ready

I solved the case as so:
Testimony: Stripes, animal, ribbon, buttons, triangles
Evidence: 'My Boy' is the title of a song by Elvis Presley; Inspiration word, 'party' is in the journaling.

If you would like to pick up the template to play along, pop over to The Nifty Pixel blog.

Thank you for coming. Hope you are enjoying your day.

Friday, 15 January 2016

Scrapaneers - January Champions

Hello Everyone, 

Every month, Scrapaneers releases some new techniques and videos to learn from as part of their Champions subscription. This month, it's all about QUIRKS, the little things you do when you make a layout; that you can't seem to help doing; that doesn't feel right if you don't do it. I'm sure you know what I mean.

Anyhow, this is my layout followed by an explanation of my quirks:

January Champions Kit: Creashens | Beats
Studio Rosey Posey | Needful Masks
Just Jaimee | Glitter Styles
The Nifty Pixel | Present & Correct Elements (staple; scatters; splatters (black))
Font: Pea Andrea

I just love this series of photos of my youngest daughter.  She was being her natural, cheeky, beautiful self.  The centre photo of my daughter is my favourite, so I wanted to showcase this one larger amongst the others. 

Something I find I do more and more of late, is the use of a mask on the background and clipping paper to it, as I have done here.  After the background paper, I added a mask, then clipped the natural looking paper from the kit before clipping more paper to the background shapes that are part of the template.  I always find this gives more visual interest.  On top of this, I always have to add some paint.  Splatters are a preference, but any paint will do, the splatters in this kit are just gorgeous!  And I always like a few scatters thrown in.  The aqua glitter circle scatters on my layout started off as green, but I like to try and add some glitter style to my page whenever I can.  After all, we can all do with a little added sparkle in our lives.

Thank you for spending a little time out of your day here.

Thinking about wanting to know more about Champions?  Go HERE to check out a FREE trial!

Thursday, 14 January 2016

The Nifty Pixel - Nifty Packs

Hello Everyone,

It's Thursday today which means some fabulous new products from The Nifty Pixel over at The DigiChick:

Em always makes up some gorgeous textures, and handy bits to have in your stash. This is what I created using all three of these packs:
School Days
The Nifty Pixel | Newsletter Freebie

Included in the Rosette Ready pack is a .psd version which means you can clip a different paper and brad to it. Really cool. 

If you want to check out some other layouts using these Nifty Packs, head on over to The Nifty Pixel blog.

Sunday, 10 January 2016

Amy Wolff - January Challenge

Hello Everyone,

I decided to enter another challenge, this time using Amy Wolff's digital products. It is to be linked to one of the challenges from the Lilypad's MOC4 challenge. I chose to link to the January 2 challenge: 'Listers Gonna List', which meant I had to include a list on my layout:

The Nifty Pixel | Page Drafts Template Bloomin' Lovely
Amy Wolff | Fresh Air
Amy Wolff | Renewal
Amy Wolff | Messy Marvins 5
Amy Wolff | Messy Marvins 6
Amy Wolff | Sassy Pants
Amy Wolff | 8:30am
Amy Wolff | A Little Damaged.

I chose to do a layout of my son and list 8 things about him. We were on our way to a school performance and he had to wear these 3D glasses as part of his performance. They look massive on his lil' face.

Hoping you all have a great day.
Thanks for coming by. :)

Saturday, 9 January 2016

Jot - January Mood Board Challenge

Hello Everyone,

The mood boards over at Jot Magazine are always gorgeous and this month is no exception:

 COPYJanuary 2016 - Kim Archer

I just love it so much, I had to find out if they accept digital layouts, and happily, they do! Yay!

So here is my layout for the challenge:

I'd give you the moon
The Nifty Pixel | Page Drafts Template Bloomin' Lovely V.1
Studio Rosey Posey | As Long As
The Nifty Pixel | Gesso Goodness V.1
Katie Pertiet | Bold & Scripted No.15
Dawn Inskip | Aged Stucco Paper

I was inspired firstly by the colours, then the newsprint and flowers, but really just the overall feel to the board. Hope it is apparent in my layout. The photo is of my youngest daughter. She avoids having her photo taken unless accompanied by her sister and brother, so this was a lucky moment where I managed to capture her....on her own, unblurred.
If I get a chance, I may even submit another one as I love the board so much. Thank you Jot for the inspiration....and Kim Archer. :)

Wishing you all a wonderful and creative day.

Thursday, 7 January 2016

The Nifty Pixel - Present & Correct

Hello Everyone,

The Nifty Pixel has just released a fabulous new digital kit, Present & Correct available only at The DigiChick:

My layouts using this collection of goodies:

Spelling List

At My Desk

There is SO much in this collection. Em always fills the kits to the brim and has elements and papers that are so unique.
To see the collection in use by other hyrbid and digital scrappers, pop over to The Nifty Pixel blog.

Hope you are all having a wonderful day.

Tangie Baxter - Art Journal Pockets - Nos. 8 & 9

Hello all,

Each month, Tangie Baxter releases 2 freebie sheets to use as the basis for Art Journal Pockets which you can then post to the challenge site. To find out more about Art Journal Pockets, go HERE. There is a link to join the free workshop and forum where you can download the freebie sheets offered each month and enter the challenges.

This is sheet #147 which you can download from HERE. (You may need to register to access but it is a free forum.) The theme for this challenge is Goals.

And my hybrid version:

The second challenge uses sheet #148 but instead I chose to use a different one that is on offer in the store, sheet #123. The theme for this challenge is Dots, Spots & Spirals.

Tangie Baxter | Art Journal Caravan 2012: Parcel 25
Tangie Baxter | Art Journal Caravan 2014: July: Scribbles, Stitches
Tangie Baxter | Art Journal Caravan 2012: Vintage Stamps
Tangie Baxter | Art Journal Caravan 2012: Parcel 52
Tangie Baxter | Art Journal Caravan 2012: Parcel 3
Tangie Baxter | Art Journal Caravan 2012 Parcel 23
Rebecca McMeen | Charlie

These little Art Journal Pockets are great fun to make. Try it out. :) 

Wednesday, 6 January 2016

Sahlin Studio - January Challenge

Hello Everyone,

Just a quick share for the moment.
I picked up a freebie template from Sahlin Studio to enter their challenge for the month.
This is the template which you can download HERE on their blog:

January 2016 FREE Template by Sahlin Studio

And my layout:
I used kits Flashback, Hello and Birthday Cake all from Sahlin Studio.

The photo is of my son on his 8th birthday last year. He was super excited to be turning 8. Living in a house full of girls, and only having a grandmother and great-aunt outside our nucleus that spend any length of time with us, he has no choice but to be a thoughtful and caring boy. He's funny and quick-witted as well...and if you read the journaling on the layout, pretty lucky too! I'm so proud of him.

Thanks for popping in. :)

Monday, 4 January 2016

Digital Art

Hello Everyone and Happy New Year to all.

Wishing you an amazing 2016!

I am meant to be studying, but really, I am struggling to find the focus and motivation, so instead, I decided to play. Using kits by Jen Maddocks, Captivated Visions and Rebecca McMeen (mainly the art dolls), I started with this piece first:
The Eye

I wasn't so sure about it, so I played around some more and came up with this one:
The Tower

Still not sure, so made this one:

Quite like the one above, but decided to try it all again on a new piece:
Girl in Blue

My confused state of mind doesn't know what it likes any more. Do you have a favourite?

Thanks for coming by.