Monday, 22 December 2014

Little Cards

Hello all,

At the end of each school year, I like to make a little card for my children's teachers to say thank you for the care, encouragement and support they have shown my children. The teachers work hard, and I feel very blessed to have such amazing educators in my children's lives.

This year, I decided to make a few more to keep in my stash for those moments when I am touched my another's thought for me, and I want to just say, 'thank you'.

This is what I created so far (I have 3 more on my desk waiting to be finished):

All these little cards are 4.5" x 4.5" created on recycled cereal boxes (then I stuck them onto a plain card). As you can see, the more I made, the slightly more layered they became. I just love working on this mini size, too - they represent little moments of joy to me. It was a great exercise in using up some of my stash as well. I have vowed to myself that I shan't buy any more product until I have made a good-sized dent in what I do have - I think this will take a while.:)

Thank you for coming by.

Wishing you and your loved ones, 
a safe and
 Merry Christmas.

Tuesday, 2 December 2014

Page Drafts Release #37

Hello Everyone!,

Thank you for coming by today. It's the last sketch reveal for 2014 for Page Drafts, and what a happy, cheery one it is - perfect for scrapping all those Christmas snaps:

Being such a busy time of year, I only had time to do three layouts for this reveal, again all digital.

Sketch #37.1

Sketch #37.2

Sketch #37.4

The other sketches in this reveal, which I hope to work on during the coming month are:

Sketch #37.3


Sketch #37.5

I hope you find time to create with these sketches - fabulous for scrapping multiple photos. 

Please head over to Page Drafts for more inspiration!