Thursday, 13 June 2013

CSI - Case File No.75

I decided to enter the case challenge again this week at CSI because it included a colour scheme that I am not very confident with - pastels. The dreamy, romantic look is one I greatly admire, but not one that I am able to create so well. So this was a great challenge for me to get me out of my comfort zone.

The case file:

My layout:

My journaling slips into the glassine bag I used as a layer that has a blue tab attached to the journaling page to pull out easier.
The journaling reads:
You asked me for a jar to go collecting.
A little while later you returned and handed it to me, a flower and some bugs inside, and said,
"This is for you, Mummy because you're pretty like a flower and I love you."
My sweet boy. You are so thoughtful and charming.
I love you too, never-ending.

(The never-ending part is something we say to each other that he started).

From the file I used:
Scheme - all the colours
Evidence - lace, chevrons, flowers, distressing, jewels (rhinestones), ruffles, heart, gold and banner title.
Testimony - IW word: me, add jewels to your journaling (I added rhinestones to my journaling page).

Thanks for looking.


  1. Oh this is sooo sweet as well as being really beautiful.. lots of layers and love the chevron textures on the back ground.. well done... this is lovely!!

  2. Beautiful, I adore all the beautiful layers...

  3. I reckon we can lay to rest your worry about scrapping pastels!!! This is soooo sort & pretty & those bg chevrons are FANTASTIC!!!!!!

  4. Ah this is so wonderful... I think you rocked the pastels. Love all the layers and that is just the sweetest thing your boy did for you. Fantanstic layout. :D

  5. This is a stunning layout! I saw it at CSI and was mesmerized!! I love your work & would love to subscribe to you by email but it's not an option in your sidebar. I'd also love to be able to scroll back through your blog a bit more easily. I have mine set to 7 posts to show on the main page & don't have any complaints about slow loading. That way if anyone's missed anything in the last week or two it's easy for them to catch up!!

    1. Thank-you Helen I appreciate your feedback - I love to know how I can improve. I have been thinking about adjusting a few aspects of my blog so shall certainly heed your suggestions. I have exams for uni in the next two weeks, after that shall concentrate on making my blog easier to read/follow. Thank-you again.:-)


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