Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Gelli Printing

Hello all!

Recently I purchased a Gelli Plate and a class to Carla Sonheim's Introduction to Gelli Printing Class (a birthday present to myself ). Gelli printing is great fun and very addictive. I would only suggest not to do it when the children are around, as invariably they will need you when you are in the middle of painting and then you may rush the process (which of course, happened to me).

Anyway, this is what came out of the class:
We had to do 8 sheets and we added 2 layers to each, so the examples show the first layer, and then the second next to it. These are my first attempts...

The last colour I added was white. On one or two it looks ok, but I really didn't like it on the bottom example. I loved the first layer, and the second layer was looking ok, but when I added the white it was just all wrong, so I tried to wash it off, but was a little heavy-handed. Think I need to stay clear of adding white next time...or just leave it and go over it with another layer.

Also, my orange paint was too liquid (see the first example), as such I found it didn't work as well. I think a heavier bodied paint is better when working through a stencil/mask.

Still, it was great fun to experiment. If you are thinking about gelli printing and wanting to take an introductory class, I found Carla Sonheim's class really clear and fact, she offers a few other classes I'd love to take!


  1. I've seen the Gelli plates around, but really didn't know what they did, or looked this was really interesting.....& BTW....that hint about the gesso on the back of pages....I'm shouting it to the world, it's a WONDERFUL hint!!!! THANKYOU:):)

  2. Wow wow wowwwwww!! These are gorgeous! LOVING the bold colors!!!!!!


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