Sunday, 29 March 2015

Art Journal Page - The Documented Life - Weeks 7, 8 & 9

Hello all,

It's catch up time for me. I have been really busy of late so am now behind with my Documented Life, but I do have 3 weeks to share. I couldn't share earlier because I had trouble downloading the photos from my phone.

Anyhow, Week 7:

Art Challenge | Cover Up Good Stuff
Journal Prompt | Going Undercover

It started like this:

 Not sure why I spent so much time doing the doodles above, when I was just going to cover it up - but at the time of doing them, I didn't know I was going to do that.

Then it went through this awful stage, and I'm thinking, 'what in the world have I done?'
It ended up okay, but not my favourite bit of work.

And a couple of close-ups:

Week 8:
Art Challenge | Repeating Elements
Journal Prompt | It's Worth Repeating

I decided to do a really simple and quick page, and use a repeating element that I always like to use - circles:
I also used paper from a Tangie Baxter collage sheet.

Week 9:
Art Challenge | Using at Least Five Layers
Journal Prompt | Give Me A High Five

(apologies for the poor quality photo)

The layers: paint, gesso, stamping, pan pastels, paint markers, collage (using mainly Rebecca McMeen digital kits with some Kaiser paper), inktense pencils, paint markers.
It also has 5 butterflies.

Although I have really enjoyed working in the Dylusions Journal (loving the size, paper and mix of paper) I do find working in a journal rather difficult. I always want to add more dimensional layers. Layering and keeping it flat for a journal is a real challenge in itself for me. 

Week 13 has just been posted this weekend. You can find it HERE along with all previous challenges for 2015.

Thank you for popping in. I hope you are enjoying/have enjoyed a great weekend.


  1. Soooooo gorgeous! LOVING the vibrant colors!!!

  2. LOL....I am soooo glad you actually at least have a RECORD of all that doodling you did before you covered it! Looks awesome....& I KNOW what you mean with that 'muddy' [metaphorically speaking] middle of doing a page where you wonder what on earth possessed to add that extra bit of ......whatever! It's like pushing stuff up hill to climb the other side at times, I find. You do it with aplomb!! LOOOVE the last's sort of quirky & my favest is the bright bold coloured middle one. And maybe this is GOOD for you to learn to do layers without the bulk??? I dunno. Just a thought;) Thanks sooo much for sharing these.....& DRATTED phones....better not say too much.....mine's letting me write this atm!!

  3. I love your journal pages !! I don't know about you, but for me it's always all about "the process" rather than the end result, and journal pages are exactly the right place to get lost in the process...enjoy it ! I get you tho when you mention your pages becoming wet, buckled and too thick to turn, lol. My only suggestion is to use journals that have the heaviest weight paper in them you can find.

  4. I love these pages. They grow and form and change, which is all part of the creating process! And that doodling is spectacular, love the five pages too! Just keep creating! And yes the journals are tricky for me too as I like to add layers, but closing the pages becomes too difficult!

  5. So beautiful! I am in awe over your doodlings, they are so well done! I love how you added all the colors on top, it's gorgeous...great work, I am so inspired by art journal pages lately, and yours are wonderful!!! xo


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