Friday, 5 February 2016

A few layouts

Hello Everyone, 

I would just like to share some layouts I have created lately using designer, Captivated Visions.

Captivated Vision | Making Memories
Captivated Visions | Template - Artified: Overspill

Captivated Visions | Enjoy The Little Things Collection
Captivated Visions | She Wears Wings
Captivated Visions | Edge Overlay
Captivated Visions | Template - Artified: 50c

Captivated Visions | Hope Shines Bright
Captivated Visions | Creme Caramel
Captivated Visions | Making Memories
Captivated Visions | No Fear

Thank you for coming past. Hope you are all having a wonderful day. :)


  1. Gorgeous work hunnie. Love them all!

  2. LOVE these! Especially the top one, what an amazing design! love the grungy feel and the large photo on the left, super cool boy page :)


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