Sunday, 10 April 2016

CSI - #197

CSI have a new challenge which includes a sketch/template by Em Stafrace of The Nifty Pixel:

My layout:

I used a range of kits and designers, but mainly from:
The Nifty Pixel | Happy Home Papers
The Nifty Pixel | Rosette Ready
The Nifty Pixel | Wanderlust
The Nifty Pixel | Fresh Start
Armina | Day by Day
Studio Rosey Posey | Fragments (Mixed Media Bicycles)
Just Jaimee | StoryTeller April16

I solved the case as follows:
Evidence: stripes, metal, flowers, bicycle, paint.
Testimony: 'Ride'
Colours: I used them all. 

Another fun challenge. Thanks CSI. :)

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