Thursday, 31 January 2019

Burda Style 10/2017 Model 108

Hello Everyone,

Continuing my sewing adventure of recent, I made a couple of skirts last week. I have made this pattern before, but as yet, have not taken any photos. The pattern used was from Burda Style magazine 10/2017, Model 108. It looks like this:
The pattern can be purchased separately and downloaded as a pdf from HERE.
I love the yoke on this style, along with the pleats. It's really comfortable for a flowing skirt.

I came across an Australian fabric designer, Nerida Hansen, and promptly bought the leafy fabric as seen in the first photo.  I wasn't sure what type of fabric to purchase as I was concerned with the quality and hand of it, but as they had a sale on at the time, the decision was made for me, as there was only the mid-weight cotton available.

The jungle fabric looks like this:
Image result for nerida hansen
This particular example is printed on the sateen that they also offer, however that was sold out. The colours are a little richer on the sateen, due to the nature of the fabric, though I am happy with the mid-weight cotton and it made up nicely in the skirt.
Nerida Hansen are unveiling a new line of fabrics tomorrow, being February 1st, which I am super excited about. The fabrics so far have been gorgeous. During the sale earlier this month, I bought a few other pieces which I shall show in time. 

The fabric for the next skirt is from The Needleworks shop near Adelaide.
I love this fabric, though I think I may need to style the skirt with a black top. I made the blouse, but think I need something different to wear with it. Not sure I like this skirt with the white.....I have also been thinking of teaming the skirt with a green top. That's now 2 more items to add to my list of sewing projects! 😁

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  1. Wowwwwwwww! Those look amazing!!!!!!!

  2. Long time no visit....and I see you are SEWING... on MATERIAL, not paper, LOL!!! Hope all is well - you look great. LOVE that skirt pattern. Not that I sew!

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