Saturday, 3 August 2013

CSI - Special Investigator - Case File #83

I am so, so blessed! I was asked by Debbi Tehrani, founder of CSI, if I would like to be a Special Investigator for the month of August. Would I??? I squealed with delight.
I'm not a great journaler. I appreciate it, and admire it of others, but I'm rather private, so don't tend to tell my stories in words so much. However, I love CSI for the simple reason that it pushes me to get out of my comfort zone, and although I may feel vulnerable telling my stories, I do see the benefits of recording them.

Anyway, without further ado, here is the case for this week:

As I have little in the way of navy and red paper and embellishments, I decided to opt for a digital layout:

Supplies used: Anna Aspnes template, paper and elements, Amma Aspnes, Katie Pertiet.

I used all the colours of the scheme.

  • stripes (the red paper behind the white circle frames and as a small tab/arrow top right)
  • travel accents (anchor pin)
  • stamps (passport stamp brush, postage stamps within the circle frames)
  • circles

  • Document a journey
  • Inspiration words: place, journey and joy.

Journalling reads:

m.s.Johan van Oldenbarnevelt
On August 14, 1952, you left Amsterdam, the Netherlands, on this boat for the hope of a better life. Parents and four children had a passage in the 'HUT' class costing 6, 375 gulden.  Your precious belongings, including heirloom pieces were mostly sold to be able to make the voyage.
You journeyed across the seas and arrived in Melbourne, Australia on September 17, 1952.  You were meant to be arriving to a place of hope and a better future, however it was wrought with hardships and challenges.  The climate, the culture, and the language all served to test you.  Sixty years later, as life has unfolded, and society has evolved, joy is found in the ordinary.  Those that suffered the most have now passed on, and the living are now able to reap the rewards.  Because of your courage and strength, lives have changed and new life has been born in a place of great freedom and possibilities.
Times have changed, but this journey that was made, will always be remembered.

Hope to see your layout at CSI!

Thank you for coming by.


  1. Well aren't you a clever to do digital layouts as well - and just as awesome as your normal scrapping! This is a fabulous layout...and your journaling is amazing & very heart felt. Well done on going out of your comfort zone :)

  2. Amazing layout, fabulous digi work, the journalling is brilliant!!

  3. Good on you!!! So pleased that you're up at CSI - it's all happening, eh???!!!! LOOOVE this...great idea with the big ship....seems like these colours are ideal for travel pages, too:):):)

  4. Zeneva what awesome news GDT here and new DT at SF!!!! so so awesome I am so happy for you. This is a beautiful piece!

  5. Wow!!! You can do digi too! I'm super impressed! I love this layout - it's one of the best digis ever!!!! :D

  6. You have an amazing sense of balance with your colours Zeneva. Love it!


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