Friday, 14 March 2014

Gelli Printing - Background Uses

Hello everyone!

A few weeks ago, I did my first Gelli Printing pages. I had 8 sheets in total, so am now using them for backgrounds. Today I'm sharing 2 more pages that I have worked on.

This is the first one:

This is what I came up with:

I used a side profile stencil from Jane Davenport and one of her eye stencils found HERE. I'm not very practiced at doing faces, or eyes, but find the stencils really useful as a starting point.
Also, I had done some writing (same words) but really didn't like how I had written it, so fixed it in Photoshop and re-wrote it. Writing in style is an art form all in itself which I never realised until doing this page.
I have also added some stitching and felt to my page.

My next one is from this basis:

I decided to do a digital page for this one, late one night:

 I really didn't like my white triangles along the top, but it was a great design start-off point. Most of the digital elements are from Fiddlette Designs and Tangie Baxter.

Thank you for coming by. If you have been doing any Gelli Printing lately, please leave your link below in the comments - I'd love to see!


  1. Ohhhhhhhhhh these are BEAUTIFUL!! LOVING the colors and loveeeeee the quote on the first one!!!!!!!!

  2. I reckon this is your forte....the way you've manipulated the images & papers & the totally BRILL results....left me speechless :):):)

  3. Wow Zeneva amazing hunnie! I was so excited to see you do digital pages wow woohoo! ;)

  4. These are just brilliant - well done! I subscribe to your blog via email but am no longer receiving any updates. I;ve just tried to resubscriber but it says I am already subscribed...


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