Thursday, 18 June 2015

Art Journal Page - The Documented Life - Weeks 10, 11, 12 & 13

Hello Everyone,

I am way behind with my Documented Life Project, but I have a uni break at the moment, so am able to play a little catch-up. Today I would like to share the month of March, weeks 10 through to 13.

March Theme

Making Your Mark (Doodles & Mark Making)

Art Challenge:  As A Layer Element
Journal PromptSurviving the Elements
The rhinoceros is by the artist, Durer. I added some extra markings and colour to it. The paper with banners is from Tangie Baxter and the flowers are Kaiser.

March 14
Art Challenge:  Borders
Journal Prompt:  "Borderline feels like I'm going to lose my mind."
After painting the background, I added some die0cut borders and Gelli painted paper I had made. The circles are from Tangie Baxter paper and the butterfly is Sissy Sparrows, all of which I added markings to.

March 21
Art Challenge:  As a Focal Point
Journal Prompt:  Coming into Focus

Background is newsprint tissue paper with a piece of Gelli painted paper on the side.  For the giraffe, I used an image from the internet as a template

March 28
Art Challenge:  Make a Custom Element
Journal Prompt: "Ride the energy of your own unique spirit." - Gabrielle Roth
For the background, I used digital stamps and papers (and the girl)  from Rebecca McMeen's 'Carson'. I then printed it, added some extra paper and made more markings before adding my clusters.

To read more about The Documented Life Project go HERE.

Thanks for coming by. :)


  1. So gorgeous! LOVING the rhino and the giraffe!!!!!

  2. These are fabulous ! Full of life, colour and fun !


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