Saturday, 11 July 2015

Some Digi Layouts

Hello Everyone,

Today I am sharing some digi layouts that I created just for the fun of it. My children went to a Disco party last weekend and included in their 'lolly-bag' were some huge glasses. My last post had my eldest daughter with hers, and today is my younger daughter. Next time I'll do my son. They had such an 'awesome' time at the party and the glasses and blow-up microphone (also included in the lolly-bag) have given them great enjoyment since. How cool is that?

Simply Tiffany Studios | June Champions Layered Template
Just Jaimee | Reed

After looking at the above photos of my daughter, I looked at some older ones and thought, 'geez - how time flies'. I never scrapped the photo below, but wanted to keep a more special visual record of it, and scrap it this time using a QuickPage. This means, that the digital page is already done, there is just a spot for the photo to be slipped in. Bits can also be added to the layout. In this case, however, I left the page as is, and just added the photo and the date. Simple and quick! The photo was from 2011. It really reminded me to enjoy each moment with my children. They grow so quickly. I think the first 5 years seem to go on forever, but once they start school - oh my goodness, it just rushes by!

Just Jaimee | Skylar Quick Page

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  1. Oh yes! Time so does fly by...scarily so. I have an ALMOST 30 year old SON....EEEEEK! I am not old enough to say that....well, I don't feel old enough to say that! I adore the glasses have captured her having such fun & also such natural shots. Love the 'oh shoot' embellie. Fits perfectly - & the 2nd one...well, it shows time passing and what a brill idea to simply slot your photo in like that. Perfect!!!! Hope you're enjoying the school hols..although I guess if you're like us they're either about to might even be back in the thick of it by now:):)

  2. These look great! I love the fun photos in the first one and love all the details you have put into the second layout... And yes time does seem to be going so fast, it is good to get out some older photos and scrap the memories!

  3. These are gorgeous!!!! I loveeeeeeee the colors!!!!!!!


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