Sunday, 13 September 2015

CSI - Case File #176

Hello all,

CSI have released their fortnightly challenge - #176 and I'm happy to say I'm a Special Investigator for this interesting challenge:

My layout:
I am slowly working my way through my family heritage photos. This photo is of my mother (although I'm sure she wouldn't like to be considered, 'heritage') and although it is a little blurred, I still love it because it's very meaningful to me.

I solved the case as so:
COLOURS: I used all the colours
EVIDENCE: music elements, animals, stitching, spiral notebook punch, flourishes.
TESTIMONY: Inspiration word: music
Journaling reads: This photo was taken in 1964 at the beginning of your university studies.  You graduated with a Bachelor of Music. Here you are, holding a Guarneri violin, made in Italy in 1643.  It was on loan to you for the duration of your studies from the Elder conservatorium, Adelaide.  You were chosen amongst many to have the privilege.

To see more about the challenge and to check out the Design Team inspiration, please head HERE.

Wishing you all a happy day.:)


  1. Oh, that photo is really amazing...& the big 'violin' it!!!

  2. Absolutely beautiful lo in tribute to your mother....gorgeous :) the music notes are perfect.


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