Wednesday, 4 November 2015

Tangie Baxter & Co - Art Journal Pockets Nos. 4 & 5.

Hello Everyone,

Every month, Tangie Baxter & Co release two challenges for Art Journal Pockets and give a free sheet to work on as a bonus.
I'm going to work a little backwards and start with Challenge No.5: Collage.
This is the free sheet you can download, print off and work with if you like:

I decided to go hybrid and printed it off, working on it, adding bits of paper and paint:

Tangie Baxter | Art Journal Sheet No. 136

It was really enjoyable to get my paints 'inky' again after such a long time not doing so. I cut these into the little pocket sizes and worked on them individually. I love working on this smaller size, it's much easier to pick up and do. Then I placed them on cardstock, re-arranging their original order, and stitched in-between. I did this only because I don't have plastic pockets on hand.

Challenge No 4: A Day In The Life Of You.
The sheet on offer for free:

And my digital page:
Tangie Baxter | Art Journal Sheet No. 120
Tangie Baxter | Art Journal Sheet No. 136
Tangie Baxter | Mint To Be
Tangie Baxter | Melt Springs
Tangie Baxter | Art Journal Bag 1
Rebecca McMeen | Biscuit Art Doll
The Nifty Pixel | Passion Play Elements

And finally, an Art Journal Pocket (Digital) that I did just for fun last month, that went in The Gallery:

Tangie Baxter | Thought Patterns
Tangie Baxter | Tangie Bundle No.14

That's it for today. Thank you for spending a moment with me. Please pop over to read more about Art Journal Pockets HERE and play along with one or both of the challenges HERE.

Hope you have a creative day. :)


  1. Fabulous! Really, really beautifully up-created...well, you can up-cycle. So I guess we can up-create!!!! new word of the fave is the purple-y one of 'you'....sooooo off to download that sheet.....I'm just giving the 'fauxbonichi' thing a whirl for October & I reckon those cards will work a treat! Thank you:):)

  2. Wowwwwwwwwww! These are gorgeous!! LOVING the colors!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. My goodness these look wonderful. Really creative.. Love them!


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