Saturday, 18 April 2015

The Nifty Pixel - Some essentials

Hello all,

It's the middle of school holidays right now, so with three children and assignments due for uni (I've gone back to uni, by the way), I'm becoming a little stressed. I love being able to spend some time being creative, and with some of Em's new gear for The Nifty Pixel at ScrapStacks, it's so easy to whip something up to help me record all those beautiful (and not so beautiful) moments in life.

The new packs:

And my layouts:


Please take a moment to hop over to The Nifty Pixel blog as well, for all the other Creative Team Layouts as well and if you hope over to the store, there is 20% off all weekend! YAY!

Thank you for coming by.

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  1. I can imagine how hectic it is for you atm!!! Love these ones... They are so different in style:) the 2nd one looks like it has an interesting story, too :)


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